Application Process

Admissions Requirements

The admissions requirements listed below have been established for all students:

  1. Freshman Applicants:
    • Must be a high school graduate from a regionally accredited high school, OR
    • Possess a General Educational Development Test proficiency certificate (GED), OR
    • Possess a High School Proficiency Certificate, AND
    • Must take a mathematics and English entrance assessment
  2. Transfer applicants:
    • Applicants who have completed fewer than 60 semester units of transferable college credit must have graduated from high school, passed a high school GED test, or received a Certificate of Proficiency from a State Department of Education to be accepted on a provisional basis.
    • Applicants transferring from either regionally-accredited colleges and universities or schools accredited by an agency approved by the Department of Education are admitted as degree students provided their cumulative grade point average from all schools is 2.0 (C) or better.
    • Applicants with a cumulative grade point average below 2.0 (C) may be admitted on probationary status.
    • Students who have documents from a foreign country must request a NACES credential evaluation agencies to determine eligibility.
    • Applicants must take a mathematics and English assessment or show equivalent coursework
  3. Provisional Acceptance:

    Undergraduate students may take courses during provisional acceptance while the Registrar’s Office awaits official transcripts from:

    • All colleges and universities student has previously attended
    • Military documents
    • All examinations the student has taken including CLEP, AP, DANTES, and/or Excelsior College exams.
    • High school transcripts (required if the student has less than 60 units transferable coursework from previously college-level institutions or if the student has never attended a college or university). A GED or high school proficiency certificate may be submitted by students to complete this requirement.

    If the Registrar’s Office does not receive all required documentation within three months of the date of admission, the students’ studies will be interrupted until all documents are received by the College. This interruption can affect financial aid eligibility.

  4. For admission into the Associate of Science Degree programs, a successful pass rate on the entrance exam or equivalent assessment results from a California testing center is required. Determination of equivalency will be made by the Director of Education. Vocational Nursing students must pass the nurse entrance exam or its equivalency as determined by the Director of Education.
  5. All Allied Health students must clear a criminal background check and complete an interview with the appropriate Program Director or Chair. Vocational Nursing students need to refer to the Pacific College Vocational Nursing Handbook regarding Admissions and Student Information and Services. Policies in the Vocational Nursing Handbook supersede those of the Pacific College catalog for Vocational Nursing students only.

4. International students who qualify for M-1 student visas are eligible for admission. Students must obtain a minimum of 450 on the TOEFL exam. Pacific College does not provide courses in ESL (English as a Second Language). All classes are taught in English. Students already in the United States may take the ATI assessment test. Applicants who meet the Pacific College admissions requirements will be sent a SEVIS I-20 form and registration information. International students are required to purchase health insurance in the United States. Such insurance should include major medical coverage to protect the student against financial catastrophe. Students are required to provide proof of health insurance covering their full enrollment. In the normal course of business, Pacific College will inform, advise, and assist international students; there is no charge for these services.

Admissions Procedures For Vocational Nursing Program

The following are required to complete application to the College:

Sources Of Credit

Transfer Credit

Pacific College accepts credit from regionally accredited institutions. It may also accept credits from institutions that are accredited by an agency which is approved by the Department of Education, provided that the quality of the institution can be verified and the credits otherwise comply with Pacific College guidelines. Pacific College may also accept credits from institutions which are accredited by non-CHEA member agencies provided they are recognized by the United States Secretary of Education.


The maximum number of lower-division credits acceptable for transfer to an associate degree program is 15 semester units. For a baccalaureate degree program, no more than 69 semester units are allowed.

The maximum number of upper-division credits acceptable for transfer is 12 semester units

Non-collegiate Credit Transfer

The maximum number of credits acceptable for non-collegiate learning is 15 semester units.

The credits may come from the following sources:

Ability To Benefit Students

Pacific College does not admit ATB students as all programs require a high school diploma or equivalent for admissions.

Credit For Previous Training

Students applying for advanced standing must submit official transcripts to the admissions department. Upon evaluation of the transcript, credit may be given for courses successfully completed with a grade of C or better at another accredited postsecondary institution where course and credit values are comparable to those offered at Pacific College. Transfer credits are not used in determining grade point averages. Transfer of credits for Vocational Nursing students is subject to the discretion of the Director of Nursing. A minimum of 25% of the course work must be completed at Pacific College.

Experiential Learning Credit

Except as required by law, Pacific College does not offer experiential learning credit.

Acceptance To The College

Upon completion of the required documents for admission, the College administration will review the information and offer the applicant a contract for enrollment, if s/he is accepted. If an applicant is not accepted, all fees paid are refunded except for fees for the entrance assessment, background check, and registration. Pacific College does not provide ESL instruction. Pacific College reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone.

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